Check the link from Internations. You need to be registered with Internations. You can create a free account there but there is no St Louis on their list of cities so you may register as from another city, like Chicago.

Health Checklist for people moving from abroad into St Louis area:

- Get a Health Insurance

- Choose a Family Doctor. You may have to visit few to find the one that matches your expectations. They are all different.

- Choose a Hospital that will be your reference whenever you are asked which hospital you should be taken.

- When you get sick try to go to the Family Doctor first.

- Case it is not possible to reach your family doctor then you can go to a Walgreens pharmacies that have doctors on duty.

- In case of small urgency that is not life treating then you may decide to go to a Urgent Care facility.

- In case of urgency then go to a Hospital. Call an ambulance at #911 on any phone.